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CTFd Exports

CTFd has the capability to export all instance data as a zip file for archival purposes. This zip file can be imported back into CTFd to restore the instance that was exported. When destroying a hosted CTFd instance, always make sure to create an export as a backup.

Exporting from CTFd

In order to create a CTFd export you must be an admin.

  1. Go to the Admin Panel by clicking the Admin button on the top right.

  2. Click on the Config tab in the top right corner

  3. Click the Backup tab

  4. You can use the Export tab to export the full instance or you can use the Download CSV tab to export specific data, including user data + custom fields, for analysis.

    Click "Export" and you will download a zip file of your instance. The zip contains json files of your instance.


    If you would like to run queries on your data, you can install the CTFd export on a local CTFd instance. This will give you a db file you can run queries on.

    The Download CSV tab has a dropdown menu to select what you would like to export.