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Crisp Chat

Crisp is a chat bubble solution that lets you communicate with your users. Crisp has an HTML integration that can be used with CTFd's Theme Header & Footer. Below are instructions on adding Crisp's integration with CTFd:

  1. Copy Crisp's provided HTML integration code. This can be retrieved from Settings > Website Settings > Integrations. This video from Crisp shows how to get the code.

  2. Add Crisp's integration code into CTFd's Theme Footer in the Config Panel.

  1. Add the following additional integration after Crisp's integration so that your messages go to the user's email address if they're not available.
<!-- Crisp chat integration -->
if (init.userEmail) {
$crisp.push(["set", "user:email", init.userEmail]);
  1. Your users should now see a Crisp chat bubble in the bottom right of their pages!