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CTFd allow users to import a whole instance or specific data in a CSV format. The whole instance zip file comes from the CTFd export.

Importing Exported Data

If you are an Admin and you have a CTFd export, you can use the import tab to import the data. Importing a full CTFd export will wipe the existing CTFd data.

In some cases, the setup page doesn't come up for you to create your admin user, in those cases you should reach out to ask for the admin login of the person who exported the instance data.

Importing FBCTF Data

For those using Hosted CTFd or planning on using it, we can provide migration services from FBCTF. We will require the attachments export and full game export (the levels export will work too) that can be generated from the FBCTF controls page. Reach out to [email protected] with these files and we will provide migration support.

Note that bonus points, entity iso, and logos from FBCTF do not translate over to CTFd but core challenge information will.