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MajorLeagueCyber Integration

MajorLeagueCyber (MLC) is a CTF Event Tracker developed and maintained by CTFd developers. MLC is designed to provide an official listing of CTF participants and tracking of performance between events.

Integrating with MLC

  1. Register an account and/or team at

  2. Create your event by going to

  3. From the event page, click on the Edit button and go to the Integration tab.

  4. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret to install into CTFd. These should be put into the Config page in the Admin Panel under the MajorLeagueCyber integration settings.

  5. Install the Redirect URL and Scoreboard API URL in MajorLeagueCyber. This is typically https://[CTFd URL]/redirect and https://[CTFd URL]/api/v1/scoreboard.

  6. MLC integration should now be configured and the Login with MajorLeagueCyber button should now be enabled on CTFd's login and registration pages.

If you would like to limit registration to MLC only, you can configure this in the Config page under Settings > Registration Visibility.