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Hosted CTFd Instance Limits

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Hosted CTFd instances track the amount of page views that they receive.

Views refer to the number of requests to your CTFd instance each month. These are tracked and incremented with every page or API request. Each instance tier has a different page view limit.

The page views that are not used up from previous months rollover to your new limit, up to 2 months worth.

For example, if you have a 250,000 hit limit and you have 10,000 hits the first month, your limit the second month is 240,000 + 250,000 (the first month rollover + the current limit).

If you then only use 10,000 hits the second month, your limit would be 240,000 + 240,000 + 250,000 (the first month rollover + the second month rollover + the current limit).

We don't disable instances for going beyond the page view limit. However, if an instance goes beyond 1.25x the monthly page view limit plus any rollover hits, it will be upgraded to the next tier. We will send notification emails to the account holder's email address before the automatic upgrade happens and when it happens.