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Multiple Choice


Multiple Choice challenges are only available on Hosted CTFd instances or with the purchase of the Multiple Choice CTFd plugin

Multiple choice challenges allow users to select a single flag from a list of choices.

Within the description message you can insert choices for your multiple choice question using the following syntax:

* () Choice 1
* () Choice 2
* () Choice 3

You can then copy the correct choice as a flag.

For example with the following description you will get something like the below image.

* () The Cake
* () 42
* () The Red Umbrella
* () All of the above

How to Create a Multiple Choice Challenge

In order to create a challenge you must be an admin.

  1. Create a challenge and select multiple_choice in the Challenge Types section.

  2. Enter the Name and Category of your challenge.

  3. Enter the Message of your challenge in the text box, and add multiple choices by prefixing each choice with * ().

  4. Set the number of points that users will receive for answering correctly, and click Create.

  5. Set the flag to the correct answer and set the State to Visible. Click Finish to create the challenge.

  6. Set the maximum attempts for the challenge, if applicable.