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Store Purchases

The CTFd Store contains plugins & themes that allow Self-Hosted CTFd instances to use some Hosted CTFd customizations. In addition, some simple gear/accessorices/shirts can also be purchased from the store.


After purchase you should be provided a download link for any downloadable purchases. You should also receive an email containing the download link.

If your link is expired or no longer working you can register an account on our online portal using the same email address you made your purchase under and your purchase will be available in your profile.


CTFd Plugins & Themes are provided under a simple license copied below. Any questions about licensing can be directed to our support team.

CTFd Plugin License

1. You are free to use this plugin on multiple installations of software.

2. You cannot use this plugin and associated source code and materials for
commercial purposes such as resale or redistribution.

3. You are permitted to use the plugin on work you are creating for yourself or
for a client provided that said work does not violate clause #2. Any work
created from or containing this plugin cannot be used for commercial purposes
such as resale or redistribution.

4. You cannot redistribute or resell the plugin or its associated source code
and materials.

5. You are free to modify this plugin provided that the derivative work is bound
by the terms and conditions of this license.