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Accounts Settings

CTFd allows you to configure the following user and team settings:

User Mode Options

Account Email Whitelist

Specify email domains allowed to register on CTFd by Whitelisting Email Addresses.

Verify Emails

You can choose whether to allow users to confirm their email addresses before playing.

Incorrect Submissions per Minute

Specify the amount of submissions allowed per minute for flag bruteforce protection (default: 10)

Name Changes

Control whether users and teams can change their names

Teams Mode Options

You can further configure these options when your CTFd instance is in Teams Mode. You can learn more about user or team modes in this article.

Team Creation

Control whether users can create their own teams.

Team Size

Control the amount of users per team.

Total Number of Teams

Control the maximum number of teams that can be created.

Team Disbanding

Control whether team captains are allowed to disband their own teams.