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Brackets allow admins to have participants be organized into participation groups for fairer scoring.

How to create Brackets

From the Brackets tab in the Config page, Admins can create Brackets:

  1. Click Add New Bracket
  2. Fill out the information and select Bracket Type
  3. Click Save and repeat for each additional bracket

Bracket Types

  • Users - brackets will group users together
  • Teams - brackets will group teams together

You'll want to select the type based on your User Mode. For example, if your instance is set to Team Mode, your bracket type should be Teams.

Adding Users or Teams to Brackets

Users and Teams are required to select a bracket on sign-up.

Admins can also select or change a bracket for users/teams in the Admin Panel.


Brackets will be visible on the user facing scoreboard and will follow your instance's Visibility settings.