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Adding Custom Field Dropdowns

Sometimes you might want to display a dropdown select instead of a text input for custom fields, to restrict the number of possible options.

While CTFd does not validate custom fields for their content - it's possible to replace the input with a dropdown by using javascript.

Please keep in mind that this does not prevent your participants from changing the text values in the page source - however might still be useful in an trusted, internal environment.

Add the Custom Field Dropdown

To replace the Custom Field input with a dropdown:

  1. Navigate to the Custom Fields configuration, which is located in Admin Panel > Config > Custom Fields.
  2. Add your desired Custom Fields:
    • Select Text Field as the Field Type
    • Make sure it's required on registration and not editable in the profile

  1. Open the registration page in an incognito window, or log-out from the admin panel and navigate there
  2. By using Developer Tools inspect the text input to find out the assigned ID number (if you haven't created any fields before they should start at 1)

  1. Adjust the Javascript code below and paste it in the theme footer configuration:

Javascript - Custom Field Dropdown Script

Configure the dropdowns object to target your custom fields:

  • Under each field add possible choices to the choices list
  • Under each field set the id to correspond to the corresponding field id (the number in the square brackets)
  • You can add more fields by following this pattern
  1. Paste the code to the theme footer configuration, located in Admin Panel > Config > Theme.

  1. Scroll down and click "Update".

  2. To check if it works, navigate to the registration page of your CTFd website. For example, <subdomain> or <custom domain>/register.